Online Fast-Track Courses

Join one of the most in-demand trades quickly and from home!


HVAC Courses

Once you complete our program you will be an EPA Certified HVAC Technician, which are also known as HVAC Mechanics or HVAC Installers


Fast Track

This is a “Fast-Track Program” designed to fulfill what I see as a gap in the HVAC industry. We need qualified technicians in the marketplace today, not a year from today.


Hands-On Training

With the help of over 20 Individually specialized repair stations, we can ensure an in depth “Hands-On Approach” to accomplish our goal.

Mobile-friendly HVAC technician courses

Take control of your career and learn a new skill online, even without a computer! Our online fast-track course is mobile-friendly, meaning that you can learn from anywhere, at any time. At Champion Technician Institute, we’re committed to providing a great learning experience for every student — even when you’re not in our classrooms!

Get fully HVAC certified with an online course

Your online HVAC course is modeled after our fast-track program, meaning that you’re set up for success sooner. You’ll learn all the skills to join today’s most in-demand skilled trade as you work to become a certified HVAC technician. With these courses created and taught by an experienced technician, you’ll be certified and prepared for the job before you know it.

Learn HVAC skills from the comfort of home

With an online fast-track course, you’ll be able to continue your current work while still learning the skills needed to begin your own skilled HVAC career. Online HVAC courses allow you the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom and work hours, while the fast-track program will get you prepared and ready to work quicker than any other program.

online HVAC certification courses

Convenient Skill Building

At Champion Technician Institute, we know that earning an HVAC certification requires skills and knowledge, but not everyone has the time to just drop everything to attend classes. While getting into a new career can require sacrifices, we believe that it should make your life better, not harder. This is why we’re offering online HVAC certification courses that you can take from anywhere, at any time. With mobile-friendly materials, you don’t even need a computer! Just sign on with your smartphone and start learning from anywhere, at any time. When you take our course, you will learn all the basics you need to get started on your HVAC career.


Hands-On Learning Included

There’s no doubt that learning online has many benefits, but one-on-one attention and hands-on learning isn’t always one of them. That’s why our online fast-track HVAC course still includes those features that you know and love! The hands-on verification and certification sections of your HVAC skills course can be scheduled so you have your own time in our fully equipped student lab. When you come in, you’ll be able to ask questions, work on the skills you’ve learned, and receive the personalized, one-on-one attention from our instructors that students have come to expect from the HVAC certification experts at Champion Technician Institute.

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Champion Technician Institute Is Focused On You

Our students are the main focus, and our driving force is to not only instruct and prepare our students for a successful HVAC technician career but also to better meet the needs and demands of the HVAC industry. We’re committed to helping you learn the basics, build essential skills, and even participate in ongoing training. We want each and every one of our Champion Tech students can be the best HVAC technician they can be and enjoy the fruits of a long and successful HVAC career. Learn more about our online HVAC skill courses, our student financing options, or read more about our founder and instructor, Andy Cross.

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Online fast-track courses are designed to help students of Champion Technician Institute learn the skills and techniques they need to obtain their HVAC certification in a fraction of the time it would take to complete a traditional HVAC training program. With the added benefit and convenience of online information, you can get started with your learning from anywhere, at any time. We even made our courses mobile-friendly so you don’t need a computer to start learning. Get started on your HVAC certification for a great career by contacting us today!

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