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HVAC Courses

Once you complete our program you will be an EPA Certified HVAC Technician, which are also known as HVAC Mechanics or HVAC Installers


Fast Track

This is a “Fast-Track Program” designed to fulfill what I see as a gap in the HVAC industry. We need qualified technicians in the marketplace today, not a year from today.


Hands-On Training

With the help of over 20 Individually specialized repair stations, we can ensure an in depth “Hands-On Approach” to accomplish our goal.

Online Course

Courses that you can complete within 60 or 90 days will prepare you for work in the field so you can start earning what you’re worth! These courses are designed to help you get a job in HVAC with ease! Learn more about our fast track online programs here.

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Student financing programs specially designed for trade students are available through our partner, TradeUp. Receive pre-approval in minutes and financing, hassle-free! Learn more about our student financing program here.

Learn from and expert

Learn from an expert in the field with years of first-hand experience. Our courses are taught by our Master Instructor, Andy Cross, who has created these programs to help fill the need in the HVAC industry for more talented and well-equipped professionals.

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Electrical Theory & Applications Course

  • HVACR Safety & Hazards
  • Learn safety procedures and will learn hazardous conditions to avoid
  • HVACR Math
  • Learn basic math skills that are used in the HVAC industry
  • HVACR Electrical
  • Learn all about electricity and how to use it in diagnosing problems along with understanding wiring diagrams
  • HVACR Troubleshooting Fundamentals
  • This course is designed to give the student more in-depth knowledge by introducing contactors, relays, transformers, etc.
  • HVACR Electrical Troubleshooting Scenarios
  • The student will perform active “hands-on” troubleshooting skills
  • Tuition: $450

Refrigeration Fundamentals & Troubleshooting Course

HVACR Refrigeration Introduction & Troubleshooting Fundamentals

  • This course will introduce the student to the refrigeration cycle and the importance of airflow in the system
  • HVACR Refrigeration Troubleshooting Scenarios
  • Learn to evaluate and solve real-life refrigeration problems
  • HVACR Air Flow Troubleshooting Scenarios
  • Learn to evaluate and solve real life airflow problems
  • Tuition: $375
EPA Certification

EPA Certifications Course

EPA 08 HVAC Technician Certification Testing

  • An EPA approved curriculum to certify an individual to purchase, properly recover, and dispose of refrigerants as needed
  • Tuition: $150

410A Universal Safety & Training

  • This course will certify the HVACR technician on the belief that transitioning over to more environmentally safe refrigerants and oils is the solution to keeping the public and the technician out of harm’s way
  • Tuition: $150

Residential Heat Load Calculations Course

Residential Heat Load Calculations

  • This course will cover what is involved when determining the required heating and cooling loads of a structure before installing
  • Tuition: $150

Heat Pumps

  • Heat Pump Operation, Installation, and Service
  • An introduction to the heat pump. How it works and its components
  • Heat Pump Diagnostics
  • Hands-on troubleshooting procedures (Lab Exercise)
  • Basic Refrigeration and Charging Procedures
  • This course will be more in-depth on the refrigeration cycle and the different methods of charging the system. This course also has an interactive CD included with a great step-by-step tutorial!
  • Tuition: $450

System Recovery, Evacuation & Dehydration, Brazing, Soldering Course

  • System Recovery
  • Learn step-by-step procedures and explanations of how to safely and properly remove refrigerants from a system and put it into a recovery cylinder (Lab Exercise)
  • System Evacuation & Dehydration
  • Learn how to properly evacuate contaminants and non-condensables from the refrigerant system (Lab Exercise)
  • Brazing, Soldering, Copper Tubing
  • Learn how to properly set up the torch rig and create an airtight refrigerant system
  • Tuition: $350

System Performance, Envelope Tightness, Ductwork Fabrication

  • System Performance
  • This course will provide the student an overall view on the systems airflow, critical charge, psychometrics and combustion of the gas heating system
  • Envelope Tightness
  • The technician will learn certain dos and don’ts while installing the HVAC system along with what to look for on existing jobs.
  • Ductwork Fabrication
  • The student will learn how to size and build central duct systems using duct board, metal, and flex ducting (Lab Exercise)
  • Tuition: $250

Pressure Enthalpy & Psychometrics without Tears Course

  • Pressure Enthalpy without Tears
  • This is a systematic breakdown of the refrigeration cycle as it travels through a system. It will teach the technician the relationship between refrigerant pressure and temperature
  • Psychometrics without Tears
  • The technician will learn about properties of air and how it is used to affect human comfort
  • Tuition: $350

Gas Heating Operation, Installation, Service Course

Gas Heating Operation, Installation, Service

  • This course will cover natural gas and propane heating. It will go in-depth over the properties, combustion levels, venting, and safety of the heating system
  • Tuition: $375

Online Simulations Course

Gas Heating Spark Ignition

  • Interactive troubleshooting of a typical gas heating system with spark ignition fault scenarios
  • Tuition: $75

Hot Surface Ignition

  • Interactive troubleshooting of a typical gas heating system with hot surface ignitors
  • Tuition: $75

Air Conditioning Electrical Fault

  • Typical HVAC cooling system with multiple fault scenarios
  • Tuition: $75

HVACR 3D Refrigeration System Installation & Service

  • 3D Interactive, step-by-step procedures for hooking up gauges, pressurizing the refrigerant system for leaks, evacuation, and dehydration
  • Tuition: $125

Once all of the above courses are completed with a passing score, the onsite lab exercises can then be scheduled and completed! The lab portion of your education will usually take about 40 hours of hands-on, one-on-one instruction to help guarantee that you, the student, have learned the skills from these courses and retained the knowledge necessary to complete the 25 minimum standard skills that you’ll need to graduate.

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