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Our HVAC trade school promotes hands-on learning from expert instructors. Each student is given a pre-course study guide to fully immerse them into their education, preparing them for their journey from the moment they arrive on campus. Students’ pre-course materials will be verified within 30 days of the student arriving at the school’s location via internet communication between the student and their instructor. Building a relationship between the student and instructor prior to the class beginning ensures the “100% guarantee” that we deliver to each student. While many programs prepare you for the Section 608 Certification, several do not provide the certification itself. This leaves you with the knowledge required to do your job, but nothing to show for it except a completed course. Becoming properly certified shows your clients that you are ready to take care of their needs thoroughly and accurately.


The Fast-Track to Success

Our HVAC technician course is accelerated, making it a fast-track program. Students will achieve success quickly, but accurately, from receiving the credentials they need. These courses contain two sections that offer hands-on instruction, demonstration, and practice. This cumulative curriculum will prepare you for the required EPA certification exam. Class times run Monday through Sunday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


608 Freon Certification Exam

We also offer preparation for the 608 Freon Certification Exam, so that those who wish to enter HVAC careers have all necessary certifications. Our prep course for this exam is comprehensive, meaning that you will receive the most informational study experience, allowing you to achieve the highest score possible to get your certification.


Alabama Certified Contractors CEU Credits

We will also be offering Alabama Certified Contractors Credits soon. This course satisfies Alabama House Builder Licensure Board requirements for license renewal. Students must complete two (2) CEU credits per year to maintain their certification.

Why It Works


Combining hands-on and technical training allows all HVAC professionals to be properly trained for their careers. Our HVAC school is dedicated to creating the best technicians in Alabama. By participating in our courses, you will be fully certified, no longer needing to jump between institutions to obtain your required HVAC certifications.

Furthering your education gives you the freedom to jumpstart your career. Gone are the days where you must complete hours upon hours of courses, all while feeling like you hardly retained any information. Champion Technician Institute understands the demand for hands-on training paired with technical knowledge. Be sure to sign up now so that you can begin registering for courses.

If you have any questions regarding registration, call us at (205) 634-5549 or email us at championitechnician@gmail.com.

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