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If you’ve been looking into Champion Technician Institute, but aren’t sure if you can afford our top-tier HVAC technician programs, we have fantastic news for you. We’re proud to have partnered with Income Share Agreement to create accessible, logical, and helpful student financing options for our educational courses.

With our financing options and our selection of courses, Champion Technician Institute is proud to offer a streamlined and effective option for those seeking a career in the HVAC field.

Invest in your future with an ISA

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a flexible alternative to a student loan. You will only make payments when you have a job. Rather than borrowing money, you commit to pay a fixed percentage of your future income for a set period of time. Payments will adjust with your income and will always be affordable. Learn more and apply below.

Pay simply with a Payment Plan

Pay for your tuition over time with a Payment Plan. You will make fixed payments until your tuition is paid. Learn more and apply below

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Benefits of Financing through Champion Technician Institute Partner Income Share Agreement 

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You Don’t Pay Anything Until You Land A Job


No Credit Minimums or Cosigns


Graduation & Job Placement Support


Fixed Payments & No Accruing Interest


To excel in any career field, education is essential. The issue is, a lot of people don’t have the extra money upfront to spend on classes, certifications, and the like. As one of the leading HVAC educators in Alabama, our goal is to help our potential students who are looking to start a career in HVAC find the financial aid that will help make their dreams possible.

As a result, we’ve partnered with Income Share Agreement to provide accessible financing to each and every student, so you can start attending our classes and instead of worrying about making payments until you’ve landed a job in the HVAC field.

That’s right, with our partner financing program, you’re not going to have to make any payments until you’ve secured a career as an HVAC technician (which is something that happens after completing our HVAC certification and training courses). Plus, with this financing package, you also won’t be expected to pay if you lose your HVAC position or are not earning more than the lender’s minimum salary level.


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What’s more, our student financing does not require you to have a certain credit level or cosigners in order to qualify! When you’re struggling with finances and credit, it can seem like the world is out to get you. At Champion Technician Institute, our mission is to educate, empower, and inspire our students to create a reliable future while equipping them with high-quality skills, knowledge, and experience — and as such, we want you to be able to secure financing and take the courses that will best prepare you for a successful HVAC career!



And, when it does come time for you to repay the financial support, Income Share Agreement makes it streamlined and easy! You will have a fixed payment period, zero accruing interest, and a cap on the amount you need to pay back! Again, our goal is to help empower people to obtain and sustain careers in HVAC. We want our financing options to bolster you, not hinder you.

A major aspect of our HVAC technician school is ensuring our students are able to secure jobs upon course completion. This is why the lending options we offer also provide borrowers with access to a Client Success Team dedicated to supporting you, and this team offers even more opportunity for career placement after completing your HVAC certification courses.


Champion Technician Institute

  • At Champion Technician Institute, we’re proud to offer not just excellent financing for our students, but also unmatched HVAC education services in Alabama!

    Our Fast Track Program is widely regarded for its ability to equip students with the knowledge, experience, and certifications that are needed to prepare new technicians for taking on residential HVAC calls.

    Beyond that, we offer a wide array of HVAC certification and supplementation courses to provide additional opportunities to get certified in specialized aspects of HVAC, as well as to improve your abilities and knowledge as an HVAC technician overall.

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