CTI Handbook

Champion Technician Institute gives you the tools you need for a successful HVAC career.

As a “State of the Art” facility, Champion Technician Institute is dedicated to turning HVAC career hopefuls into Professional Technicians. All HVAC jobs will require technicians to design the best heating and air conditioning systems at the least expensive prices for their customers. The Champion Technician Institute is a reference tool for each student so they get the most comprehensive learning experience possible.


Our Goal

The Champion Technician Institute is dedicated to bridging the gap that is currently present within the HVAC industry. Previously, it took far too much time, money, and energy for most students to gain the knowledge they needed to be top-quality technicians. Now, they can get all required certifications within 30 days at our HVAC trade school. Testing is distributed to each student to track that the information taught in class is being retained.

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Fast-Track Criteria

The Fast-Track Programs offer an accelerated learning experience. These courses engage students in real-life daily tasks that they will complete for their future employers. Students will learn fundamental skills to carry with them to their HVAC jobs.


Pre-Course Study Guide

Our courses are helpful for students of all skill levels. To even out the learning curve, we provide a Pre-Course Study Guide so each student has a firm idea of what to expect on the first day of class. We teach Basic Math Skills, Safety & Hazard Prevention, Electrical Theory & Application, and administer Review Questions before the Final Exam. So long as each student puts in enough effort, they will be successful at Champion Technician Institute.


Structured Courses

Class hours are Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM. An in-depth breakdown of the schedule is provided within the CTI Handbook. A weekly schedule is also provided to give students a detailed look at what to expect.

We are successful when our students are successful. CTI President Andy Cross noticed a striking gap in the HVAC industry and its educational programs. It should not be so difficult for people to make career changes, especially in today’s economy. The classes offered at Champion Technician Institute bridge those gaps, ultimately paving the way for successful technicians to begin working HVAC jobs immediately. Click here to sign up and register for classes today!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via phone at (205) 634-5549 or email at championtechnician@gmail.com.

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HVAC Courses

Once you complete our program you will be an EPA Certified HVAC Technician, which are also known as HVAC Mechanics or HVAC Installers


Fast Track

This is a “Fast-Track Program” designed to fulfill what I see as a gap in the HVAC industry. We need qualified technicians in the marketplace today, not a year from today.


Hands-On Training

With the help of over 20 Individually specialized repair stations, we can ensure an in depth “Hands-On Approach” to accomplish our goal.