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Champion Technician Institute Inc. is a certified HVAC technician training academy located in Mobile, Alabama. Our HVAC Technician & EPA; Section 608 Certification program offers a fast-track, hands-on approach.


Champion Technician Institute's approved curriculum can now offer individuals that complete our Fast-Track Program the opportunity to submit for the Alabama HVAC Contractor's License!

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HVAC Courses

Once you complete our program, you will be an EPA Certified HVAC Technician, which are also known as HVAC Mechanics or HVAC Installers


Fast Track

This is a “Fast-Track Program” designed to fulfill what we see as a gap in the HVAC industry. We need qualified technicians in the marketplace today, not a year from today.


Hands-On Training

With the help of over 20 Individually specialized repair stations, we can ensure an in depth “Hands-On Approach” to accomplish our goal.

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Learn More About Our HVAC Technician Training Certification Program

If you are interested in starting a new career in the HVAC industry then you should learn more about our exciting Fast-Track HVAC Technician Certification Program. This offers you high-quality online training and an opportunity to get right into the workforce!

Champion Technician Institute offers a hands-on approach to all of our HVAC Technician trainees. Our graduates will be able to provide expert service and maintenance on the various complex HVAC systems being installed today. The HVAC industry offers a well-paying career that is essential and always in demand. You can enter this industry when you start your training today with us!

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Champion Technician Institute prepares individuals to be able to immediately go out and perform residential service calls. Once they have learned the proper dress code, internal paperwork, and dispatch procedures of the company, they will then be able to apply them in the field while maintaining the standards of excellence expected by their employer. Our classes are limited by design to accommodate no more than 10 students per class or per instructor. This is in order to guarantee that our hands-on approach is accomplished. With the help of more than 20 individually specialized repair stations, we can ensure an in-depth, hands-on approach to accomplish our goals. Throughout our program, we will constantly stress the professional attitude, appearance, communication skills, as well as the standard “Repair or Replace” procedures of a professional technician. Contact Champion Technician Institute today to learn more about our programs or to get started!

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The hands-on training is what I liked most about the in-person course. I have already recommended the program to two different people.

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I would recommend this course to anyone. Whether they are just starting out or if they have been in the AC field for a while.

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The one-on-one teaching was out of this world. I didn't expect to be able to learn as much as I did. Now I'm out here doing it every day with a great company and it's all because of CTI.

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